What’s new in LiveRecorder 6.2 for Java

What’s new in LiveRecorder 6.2 for Java

Announcing LiveRecorder 6.2 for Java, codenamed Stichelton.

Today is the day! It is time to announce the release of our final major release of this year; and here’s what’s in it!

LiveRecorder 6.2 for Java delivers support for time travel/reverse debugging of live applications.

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LiveRecorder for Java provides developers with the fastest method of debugging Java applications using Software Failure Replay. We’re committed to continuously improving  the capability and versatility of LiveRecorder with every release and that’s why we have added  interactive debugging capability.

With reverse debugging of live applications, Java developers using LiveRecorder, can now choose their workflow:

  1. Reverse debug a live running application – implements an interactive reverse debugging environment for quick, on-the-fly code analysis and program execution examination
  2. Full Software Failure Replay – which enables record, replay and error resolution with a portable, shareable recording. This workflow opens up the possibility of asynchronous and a more collaborative approach to software failure investigation and debugging

Interactive debugging fast-tracks the developers ability to dive right in and immediately observe executing program behavior. This capability, lets you interactively pause your program, look at the values of variables, and watch program execution step-by-step, so you can understand what your program actually does and find bugs in the logic. It’s a quicker route to observing and understanding what your code is doing and identifying the root cause of errors.

For more technical information about interactive debugging and our 6.2 Stichelton release, take a look at our technical documentation for LiveRecorder for Java. You can also find more information about this product on the LiveRecorder for Java product page.

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We ❤️ cheese. If you want to find out more about Stichelton cheese, the inspiration for this release, here’s what Wikipedia says.

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