[New Release] UDB and LiveRecorder 6.12 for C/C++

[New Release] UDB and LiveRecorder 6.12 for C/C++

Please welcome LiveRecorder 6.12, with the cheesy nickname of Tunworth*.

This release includes the following improvements for UDB and LiveRecorder for C/C++.

Faster loading of recordings

UDB now uses up to four CPU cores to load event history from recordings. This results in a performance improvement of between 1.3x and 4x when compared with the previous UDB release, with the improvement depending on the proportion of the overall recording size taken up by event data. Recordings must have been created by LiveRecorder 6.10 or newer to be sure to benefit from this improvement.

This change builds on the previous improvements in UDB 6.11 to the speed of loading large memory images or large numbers of symbol files.

Now you can spend less time waiting and more time fixing your issue – particularly for long-running recordings.

Improved cross-machine replay

Recordings made on a machine with a CPU which supports AVX-512 and uses glibc 2.34 or later can now be replayed on a machine with a CPU which does not support AVX-512, provided that certain conditions are met.

This could be useful if you wanted to debug a recording made on a powerful server on your laptop, for example.

Supported workflows are described in the relevant documentation.

Verbose output from live-record

The live-record tool takes a new --verbose option which emits extra information before and after recording. It makes it easier to control LiveRecorder and to check basic info about the recording without firing up UDB.

When recording starts, guidance is provided about interacting with the tool by sending signals. When a recording is saved, statistics about the recording are printed.

Example output (text in red is added by --verbose):

LiveRecorder 6.12 verbose

Note on system requirements

For a list of the system requirements for a given release, see the documentation at docs/userguide/html/SystemRequirements.html in the release directory. The system requirements for the latest Undo release are always provided in full at https://docs.undo.io/SystemRequirements.html.



We ❤️ cheese, so we name all of our releases after some of them. What on earth is Tunworth cheese? Check out this website on all things cheeses to see if it might be for you. 🙂

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